International quantitative study

How video game studios are taking accessibility into account

In the last few years, the topic of accessibility has been liable to growth in the video game industry. Conferences dedicated to accessibility, esport teams including disabled players, accessibility awards within major ceremonies… There are still many examples of this awareness that affects our great industry.

However, 91% of disabled players still consider that their disability constitutes a hindrance or a blockage in accessing video games (according to the results of our international barometer dedicated to disabled players).

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In order to improve the situation, accessibility has to be considered a key point from the first levels of video game designing. In that respect, Be Player One conducts a major assessment of how accessibility is being addressed by game designers.

What place and role for accessibility in the video game industry?

About 20% of the population is affected by a disability, more or less severe, more or less visible. Through this international study, we collect information from creative studios. Our ambition is both to lift the veil on how accessibility is considered and to accompany the change for a more inclusive gaming experience.

Objectives of the survey

Draw up a state of the art on accessibility in video games.

Understand the accessibility and disability insight of video game professionals.

Identify the support needs of creative studios in terms of accessibility.

We are counting on you!

The participation of the greatest number will allow us to share a reliable and complete state of affairs that will open new strategic, marketing and commercial opportunities for video game professionals.

15 Minutes
Questionnaire duration

Guaranteed privacy

Early access offered
to our accessibility platform

We offer participants free early access to our online platform dedicated to optimizing video game accessibility. It will include, among other things, a collection of best practices, a knowledge base and an advanced audit report generator.

Our partners

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We are all gamers

Be Player One is a French company specialized in video game accessibility. Bound by values of sharing, responsibility and ethics, our team is formed by disability, digital and engineering experts. We are working on two major areas to offer a more inclusive and equitable gaming experience to everyone:

  • Video game designers : we offer creative studios a wide range of tools to optimize accessibility features for all players.
  • Innovative equipments: we design game equipments adapted to disabled players.

In 2020, we already conducted an international barometer dedicated to disabled players. The results were presented at the Game Accessibility Conference and shared in the media.